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Our Payment information is as follows:


Account No:????? 3715708013

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Account Name: Jozzy Net Computer Services Nig.

Account No:????? 0064467277

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Country = Nigeria

Account Name:?Enyinnah Osinachi Ephraim

Account Number: 6012220176


First Monie Account:

Account Number: 2348080235059


Account Name: Enyinnah Ephraim Osinachi

Account Number: 3069976217


Account Name: Enyinnah Ephraim Osinachi

Account Number:? 0140164809


Domiciliary Account

Account Name: Enyinnah Ephraim Osinachi

Dollar Account Number:? 0140164823

Branch Sort Code:?????????? 058235212

Branch: ?????????????????????????? ABA


After Payment, Contact Us by sending a text containing your payment details (Bank you pay to, Depositor?s name, Teller number, Amount paid and Username) to any of the following phone numbers: 08038180791,08095909476 &
08053264463. Payment can also be made in our office.

Why We are different

- Guaranteed SMS deliverey to all mobile networks

- Coverage in over 150 countries and 700 networks

- Premium and cheap SMS cost

- Flexible and easy to use user interface

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Our Charges/Network

MTN = 1.5 unit/SMS

GLO = 1.5 unit/SMS

Airtel = 1.5 unit/SMS

Etisalat (EMTS) = 1.5 unit/SMS

CDMA Networks = 2 units/SMS


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